As a result of long years cooperation with European partners in the field of energetic biomass use and based on own research of groups within BIOSWEET, the first book devoted to the production of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) and biomethane was published in August 2016. The book contains contributions of research groups in Sweden, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. BIOSWEET groups contributed more than half of the content.

Synthetic Natural Gas from Coal, Dry Biomass and Power-to-Gas applications aims at a suitable overview over the different pathways to produce SNG. The first four chapters cover the main process steps during conversion of coal and dry biomass to SNG:

  • gasification of coal and biomass: the thermodynamic fundaments and most important gasifier types are presented;
  • gas cleaning: covering filtration, sorption and catalytic steps as well as scrubbing;
  • methanation of gasification derived producer gas and hydrogen-rich methanation within Power-to-Gas applications: the largest chapter of the books discusses on i) the methanation reaction system, its kinetics and challenges with the thermodynamic equilibrium and catalyst deactivation, ii) different types of catalytic methanation reactors, and iii) modelling and simulation of methanation reactors and its experimental validation;
  • gas upgrading: focuses on the options for upgrading of biomass based SNG-processes.

The main technology options are highlighted and the impact of a technology choice for the downstream processes as well as for the complete process chain.

The following chapters describe a number of novel processes for the production of SNG with their specific combination of process steps as well as the boundary conditions; these processes comprise those which are already in operation and processes which are still under development:

  • The 20 MW wood-to-SNG plant in Gothenburg, Sweden (GoBiGas project),
  • The Power-to-Gas plants in Stuttgart and Werlte, Germany, operating with CO2 from biogas,
  • The fluidised bed methanation process to convert wood gas to SNG, developed at PSI,
  • The wood-to-SNG process developed by ECN, The Netherlands,
  • The hydrothermal gasification and methanation process, developed at PSI,
  • agnion’s small scale SNG process concept,
  • Integrated desulfurization and methanation concepts for SNG production.

T.J. Schildhauer, S.M.A. Biollaz (Eds.)
Synthetic Natural Gas from Coal, Dry Biomass, and Power-to-Gas Applications
Wiley & Sons, New York, 2016
ISBN 9781118541814