Evidence-based recommendations for the design of the Swiss bioenergy future

In this research area the SCCER BIOSWEET partners are looking at the role of biomass for the energy transition. Databases, models and tools for the optimal and sustainable collection, storage and conversion of biomass in Switzerland are being developed and promoted.  These interdisciplinary and cross-cutting competencies are very important for implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.

Description of Research Area

The scope of this research area is to provide a holistic assessment framework to understand the role of biomass in the energy transition. This means defining the integration of the technologies in the Swiss energy system considering resources, the conversion chains and the energy services to be supplied. The following topics are of particular interest to the SCCER BIOSWEET:

  • A local and resource-specific potential analysis on future biomass availability, restrictions and opportunities to entire Switzerland and all relevant biomass resources
  • The thermo-economic characterization of the biomass conversion processes for fuel, chemicals and energy services supply as a function of the biomass feed, including biomass-based Power-to-Gas
  • Thes systematic generation of commercial biomass supply chains, making the link between the biomass resources, the conversion processes and the energy services (including innovative pilot plants)
  • The assessment of the regional added value of the biomass use for the energy transition and its contribution to the energy transition scenario, best practice recommendations and success criteria

Research Partners

Oliver Thees

Co-Leader of the SCCER BIOSWEET research area “scenario & modelling”. Leader of the research group Forest Production Systems at the WSL

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François Maréchal

Co-Leader of the SCCER BIOSWEET research area “scenario & modelling”. Head of the Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering Group at the EPFL

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Urs Baier

Leader of the SCCER BIOSWEET research area “biogas” and head of the Environmental Biotechnology Group at Zurich University of Applied Sciences

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Serge Biollaz

Leader of the SCCER BIOSWEET research area “biomethane” and head of the Thermochemical Processes (TCP) group at the Paul Scherrer Institut

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Jeremy Luterbacher

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor and head of the Laboratory for Sustainable and Catalytic Processing at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

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Timothy Griffin

Leader of the SCCER BIOSWEET research area “heat&power” and head of the institute for biomass and resource efficiency at the FHNW in Brugg/Windisch

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