The 5th Biomass for Swiss Energy Future Conference was held at WSL in Birmensdorf on September 4th.

Approximately 90 attendees listened to 9 presentations, participated in an exercise to help define the role of biomass for the Energy Transition and networked with members of the biomass energy research community and the public sector and with technology application partners.

Special thanks go to Oliver Thees for hosting the event, to Markus Zeifang for moderating the conference and to Astrid Björnsen Gurung for animating the participatory exercise.

The presentations are available for download by clicking on the following links:

Bioenergy hotspots and clusters combined with socio-economic analysis in Switzerland­_Burg

Energy and greenhouse gas emissions benefits of converting manure to biogas through anaerobic digestion_Bowman

Biogenic CHP: integrating heat, electricity and mobility services_Georges

CHP plant based on wet wood gasification-Puidoux_Caimi

So wird die Schweizer Gasversorgung erneuerbar_Angele

Technology principles and perspectives of biological methanation_Krautwald