Leadership in research, education and outreach that transfers results to the market

The SCCER BIOSWEET aims to provide solutions to problems arising from the energy transition. In order to do this, the best partners along the innovation chain are involved and the potentially most effective ideas along the whole technology readiness level scale are promoted. Another crucial investment of the SCCER BIOSWEET is the development of capacity at higher education institutions.


Oliver Kröcher Head of the SCCER BIOSWEET

Double Switzerland’s energy consumption from biomass

The SCCER BIOSWEET develops and implements biomass valorization technologies to make the Swiss energy turnaround happen. For 2050, the Federal Energy Strategy foresees a contribution of 100 Petajoules from bioenergy to the final energy consumption. To meet this ambitious goal the current energy consumption from biomass needs to be doubled. The SCCER BIOSWEET’s research and development activities are designed accordingly.

On the one hand, the technological goal is to exploit biomass resources to the highest sustainable extent. This is pursued by pushing the conversion and efficiency limits of existing bioenergy technologies, by improving the feedstock utilization, by creating new and innovative biomass value chains, and by designing better integrated energy systems. On the other hand, the SCCER BIOSWEET reaches out to promote alternative energy carriers for use in mobility or heat and power applications and it offers knowledge to support the energy policy and market development.


The SCCER BIOSWEET is a national network of 16 Partners from 10 Academic Institutions which are eligible for SCCER funding and more than 30 Cooperation Partners from public and private sector organizations. It is under the governance of the SCCER BIOSWEET Board, which is formed by the Head, the Deputy Head, and representatives from the Academic Research Partners and Cooperation Partners. The Board works closely with the Managing Office, located at the Paul Scherrer Institute, to take executive decisions and to provide overall coordination. The Suisse Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) instated two controlling bodies, a Steering Committee and an Evaluation Panel, to support and evaluate SCCER on an ongoing basis and to ensure that the Federal mandate is fulfilled.