The 6th Biomass for Swiss Energy Future Conference was held at HSLU in Horw on September 3, 2019. Approximately 80 attendees listened to nine presentations, studied the 35 posters along the most relevant biomass value chains in Switzerland, and networked with members of the biomass energy research community and with technology application partners.

This year‘s event focused on producing clean energy from wood and biofuels. Topics such as biomass based district heating, thermal energy storage, and particle emissions from wood combustion were presented during the morning sessions. In the afternoon, perspectives of biofuels and Power-to-X were discussed while paying attention to the role of biomass towards a COP21 compatible Switzerland. The presentations are available for download by clicking on the following links.

Special thanks go to Thomas Nussbaumer for hosting the event, to Markus Zeifang for moderating the conference and to Astrid Busa for the excellent organization.

Conference information

Program SCCER BIOSWEET Conference 2019

List of Posters

List of Particpants



Thermal Energy Storage Integration in Biomass Heating Plants
Felix Schumacher (HSLU)

Big Heat Storage for Biomass Power Plant with District Heating
Urs Rhyner (Agro Energie Schwyz AG)

Field Particle Emission Measurement of Domestic Wood Firing Systems Retrofitted with Electrostatic Particle Precipitators
Nemo Lohberger (FHNW)

Size and Number Characterisation of Wood Combustion Generated Particles and Reduction Effect of Exhaust Gas after Treatment Devices on a Stove and Boilers
Roger Röthlisberger (HEIG-VD)

Cytotoxicity of Flue Gases from Different Biomass Combustion Technologies
Peter Zotter (HSLU)

Hydrothermal Valorization of HTL Process Water Through Salt Separation and Selective Gasification to Synthetic Natural Gas
David Baudouin (PSI)

Small Biogas Upgrading Systems for Grid Injection or Vehicle Refueling
Ueli Oester (apex)

White Paper Power-to-X: Chances and Risks for the Swiss Energy System
Sandra Moebus (HSR)

On the Role of Biomass Towards a COP21 Compatible Switzerland
Françcois Maréchal (EPFL)




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