2017’s first major international bioenergy gathering, the 5th Central European Biomass Conference in Graz, Austria has resulted in the “Graz Declaration”. Six national associations along with the European Biomass Association and World Bioenergy Association are calling on the EU to retake the lead on fossil fuel phase out. Besides the political agenda, there were various interesting technical sessions with SCCER BIOSWEET participation: Josef Wüst presented the R&D work of FHNW in the field of low emission biomass comubstion and Jean-Bernard Michel (HES-SO) gave insights into the operation of the torrefaction pilot plant.

Low Emissions, Retrofit, Wood Gas Burner for Wood Pellets (J. Wüst, FHNW)

Torrefaction of woody residues at the small scale: first results of a fully automatic pilot plant operation (J.B. Michel, HES-SO)

Declaration of Graz 2017 (full paper)

Sources: Bioenergy International, CEBC 2017

Biomass for Swiss Energy Future