On September 7, 2016, the third annual conference of the SCCER BIOSWEET took place at the Campussaal in Brugg/Windisch. With over 90 participants from academia, industry and public sector organizations the event achieved great resonance in the Swiss bioenergy community. In the morning, the Partners from the SCCER BIOSWEET communicated the status of their research activities in the area of anaerobic digestion, liquid biofuels and hydrothermal biomass conversion processes. In the afternoon, the audience had the chance gain inside into the challenges and contribution of biomass combustion and decentralized biomass-CHP plants to the future energy supply. The closing of the conference was orchestrated by the Entrepreneurship program of the Commission of Technology and Innovation and the SCCER BIOSWEET Partner Treatech resulting in a lively debate on how to develop and implement business ideas. We would like to thank all partners and participants for their contributions.


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Program of the Biomass for Swiss Energy Future Conference 2016

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Welcome address – O. Kröcher

Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Visions beyond State of the Art – U. Baier

Towards diesel and jet-fuel production from lignocellulosic biomass through biological and chemical processing – M. Studer – J. Luterbacher

Pilot-scale demonstration of the hydrothermal gasification of wet biomass – F. Vogel

Biomass combustion: Challenges and contribution to the future energy supply – T. Nussbaumer

Potential of decentralised biomass-CHP plants to stabilise the Swiss electricity network with increased fluctuating renewable generation – G. Georges

Power-to-Gas with Biological Methanation: Field report of the first industrial plant in practical use – T. Heller

CTI Start-up & Entrepreneurship training – P. Hassler – G. Peng – Harboe-Schmidt



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