Every year since its debut release in 2007, AEBIOM´s Statistical Report provides an in-depth description of the bioenergy sector in the EU28 Member States. The AEBIOM Statistical Report has been enriched each year with new figures and information, collecting unique data on the developments of the European bioenergy market from a growing number of international contributors.

With the 2016 Statistical Report, AEBIOM has decided to go one step further by providing professionals with its market forecasts. Based on past trends and the existing reality, AEBIOM has built projections until 2020 for bioheat, bioelectricity and biofuels for transport. Those anticipations will be analysed by key national experts in order to give the most accurate visions of how European bioenergy markets will evolve in the coming years.

Source: AEBIOM, AEBIOM Youtube Channel