The group of Oliver Kröcher, Head of SCCER BIOSWEET, has developed a new catalyst for engines running on biogas or natural gas. The catalyst significantly improves the environmental performance of methane-fueled engines. This result is particularly relevant to the bioenergy sector because biogas is most efficiently burned in lean-burn engines which have the disadvantage of high methane emissions in the exhaust gas. Moreover, plans to increase the production of energy from biogas have wide public support. The new development will improve the environmental performance of biogas plants by reducing methane emissions thereby increasing the market acceptance and penetration of biogas. A patent has been filed. More details are disclosed in the press release of PSI at:


And also in the German-spoken NZZ article at:

Oliver Kröcher (right) and Andrey Petrov at the experimental station where the catalyst for lean-burn engines was developed. (Photo: Paul Scherrer Institute/Mahir Dzambegovic)
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